Inauguration package to Washington D.C.: Ballroom, hotel room, parade, bling and more

With Barack Obama’s election win finalized, here’s one subject to consider. How does a person snag a place at the inauguration festivities? Cinderella needed a fairy godmother to get her to the prince’s ball. Although you don’t necessarily need a fairy godmother, it could help if you want to go high end. Consider this option.

For $50,000, the “politically correct” inauguration package at the Ritz Carlton can be yours. What will this cool cash get you–never mind that you might have seen more than that disappear from your financial portfolio, if you have one, in the last months?

You can get:

  • a 4-night hotel stay at the Ritz Carlton (duh) during the inauguration festivities
  • two front row seats to the Inaugural parade
  • two tickets to one of the official Inaugural balls
  • a “Heart of the Nation” pendant made of white gold, diamonds, rubies and blue sapphires
  • a 24-hour on call driver who’ll tootle you around town in a hybrid car
  • a fancy dinner
  • clothes from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Hmm. politically correct? In this economy? Part of the price tag cost is donated to charity. Oh, in that case. . .

(Deal found in this article in the Wall Street Journal. The Ritz Carlton website doesn’t list the package, but here are more details at Elite Traveler. The photo is from glass)