More on Caribbean travel

This Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch travel section is devoted to Caribbean travel. With this morning’s post on Caribbean vacations, written before the Sunday paper arrived on my front porch, I’m wondering if I’m getting a message.

One article, “Caribbean offers comfort for less cash” by David Swanson points out an option not mentioned in today’s earlier post–Tobago. After reading about all of Tobago’s high points, I’m hesitant to let the word out because, frankly, I want the bargains to be there when I show up.

Here’s why Tobago sounds fantastic:

  • the oldest forest reserve in the Western Hemisphere
  • more than 200 species of birds for birdwatching (tour suggestions are given)
  • plentiful water sports
  • beaches tucked back in coves
  • several less expensive lodging options than some other Caribbean destinations.
  • great food at affordable prices

In the same article, Swanson outlines other Caribbean deals, including Mexico.

  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico is offered up as a lively, urban option that includes a beach.
  • Negril, Jamaica is a place to head for rock cliffs and plentiful lodging options (but avoid spring break).
  • Samana Peninsula, Dominican Republic has whale watching from mid-January to mid-March.
  • Bermuda, although technically not in the Caribbean, this island becomes cheaper in the winter starting this month. Although, the temperatures are cooler, the beauty is the same and activities like golfing cost substantially less money than during high season.

At the moment, the link to that article is not available but another feature article in the travel section touts the wonders of St. John.

According to Steve Stephens, even though St. John has undergone a boom in tourism development, ecological preservation has been a top priority. Virgin Islands Nationa Park makes up “two-thirds of the island.”