SkyMall Monday: Portable Desk

Boy, is this week’s SkyMall Monday going to change your lives.

How many times has this happened to you? You’re running at a personal record pace in your local 5K fun run when your boss calls you asking for the latest figures on the Johnson account. Of course, you have your laptop with you while you run, but we all remember what happened the last time you tried to jog and type. What a disaster. Well, with the Portable Desk, all of your problems have been solved.*

Finally, you can easily type documents, email with friends and surf the internet for fetish porn all while on-the-go. Why not grab your dog or your best gal and take a stroll while you stare downwards at a 45-degree angle and fail to interact with those around you? Outside and don’t believe that it’s raining? Well, now you can keep walking while you check the radar to see if the wetness falling from the sky is real.

But don’t take my word for it. Just take a look at the good ol’ product description:

When you have work to do, having no place to sit is no longer a problem. Now you can use your laptop standing or even walking with this portable desk.

Sure, you could find a chair somewhere or sit on the floor or just, you know, not use your computer for 10 minutes and develop some interpersonal skills. But what’s the fun in that? You’re a busy, successful individual with things to do and World of Warcraft spells to cast.

Would I recommend the portable desk? I’m using it right now. At a urinal. I think that says it all.

* None of your problems are anywhere close to being solved.

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