New Tsunami Early Warning System in Place

Since the catastrophic tsunami of 2004, there have been calls to bolster the deficient tsunami detection system in the eastern Indian Ocean. Nations have installed buoys that can detect tsunamis and offer early warning. But Indonesia, which received the brunt of the wave, is taking it a step further. With the help of a German geo-science company, they have begun to install sensors on the sea floor itself. These sensors will relay seismic data to buoys at the surface, which will, in turn, send them to Indonesia’s Tsunami Center via satellite. The system will give warning of a possible tsunami within minutes of an undersea quake. However, experts say that to be completely effective, the system requires more buoys, more undersea sensors and more electronic tide sensors.

Thailand has put buoys out into the ocean to act as an early warning system. In order to reassure tourists on the island of Phuket, they have also built Tsunami watch towers, which do little else than make tourists feel more comfortable.