Watching Seven Years in Tibet

I’ve been on somewhat of a movie spree lately–I think it may have just a little to do with my new Netflix account.

I don’t know why I haven’t seen Seven Years in Tibet, seeing as Tibet is near the top of my top dream destinations. The movie really exceeded my expectations, I guess it helps the story takes place during the 1940s, an action-packed period with WWII and the birth of modern China. Oh, and the whole annexation of Tibet thing.

What’s particularly well-done about the movie is how they played off the political issue. I didn’t think it was overly preachy; in fact, it really touched me how director David Thewlis chose to illustrate the oppression of the Tibetans by Communist Chinese. Watch the movie if you want to know more about their history and on-going plight.

And lastly, the landscapes are pretty gorgeous, though most of what you see was technically filmed in Argentina (there’s 20 minutes of footage secretly shot from within Tibet). On a lighter note, Brad Pitt was given the dubious honor of third worst accent in a movie for his portrayal of Heinrich Harrer.