Travel Alert! Join the battle for Salt Lake City!

Either the LDS, The Salt Lake City Tourism Board or Northwest and Delta are up to something, because all of the sudden, prices out to SLC just tanked.

I’m pulling up tickets from about $100-$125 round trip departing from Detroit and Chicago respectively, with other cities across the country at fairly competitive rates. At this point, fares look to be good through early February.

“Why go to Salt Lake City in the middle of the winter,” you ask? One word: skiing. Park City is right around the corner from Utah’s capital city and for the money that you save on the plane ticket you can afford a nicer condo rental.

In case you’re really interested, what really happened is called The Southwest Effect. As the airline best hedged against fuel prices, Southwest has the wonderful position of setting the market rate on fares between many cities across the country. That is, as soon as they decide to publish a sale fare on tickets between Dallas and Los Angeles, everyone else has to follow suit.

Just today the airline published a 50% off coupon to Salt Lake City, so to stay competitive, Northwest and Delta matched the price. And that’s where we come in, my friends.

Book your tickets soon, I just booked a pair out for a weekend in January and availability already dried up for those days.