Tuesday Travel Trivia (Week 4)

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s trivia time again here at Gadling. Answer these 10 questions in the comments and come back next week to see the results. No Googling!

By the way, congratulations to last week’s trivia winner nzm, who did very well with 10 tough questions. Way to go!

Now here are this week’s brain-busters:

  1. What is the name of Brook Silva-Braga’s 2007 documentary about round-the-world travel?
  2. What lively street in central Bangkok, Thailand, is known as the world’s most popular “backpacker ghetto”?
  3. The region known as Patagonia is located in which two countries?
  4. What’s the name of the daughter of guidebook maven Arthur Frommer, also a popular travel writer herself?
  5. Though cricket is India’s most popular sport, it is not officially its national sport. What is?
  6. What is the name of French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife, a musician and former model?
  7. Spell Iceland’s capital.
  8. In the 1983 film National Lampoon’s Vacation, what is the name of the fictional theme park that the Griswolds drive across the country to visit?
  9. Name four African countries that start with an “S”.
  10. True or false: Brazil is South America’s largest country in area and also its most populous.

Look below the fold for last week’s answers…

  1. Of the eleven countries whose name begins with A, all but two of them also end with A. Which two don’t end with A? Answer: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan
  2. Who wrote the award-winning 1975 travelogue The Great Railway Bazaar? Answer: Paul Theroux
  3. Name the African country whose flag is a solid green rectangle. Answer: Libya
  4. Remember Sarah Palin? For what small Alaskan town did she serve as mayor from 1996-2002? Answer: Wasilla
  5. What “hip, vibrant” online travel community features a Bounty Board full of assignments for aspiring travel writers and recently acquired the site Brave New Traveler? Answer: Matador
  6. What is the official name of North Korea? Answer: Democratic Republic of North Korea (hah!)
  7. In which South American country are the Nazca Lines (seen above) located? Answer: Peru
  8. Which country’s residents spent the most on international travel during 2007? Answer: Germany
  9. According to Forbes Traveler, what US tourist destination was the most visited spot in the world in 2007? Answer: Times Square, New York City
  10. What US territory is the only one larger than a US state? Answer: Puerto Rico