Two Qantas jets collide, but were not carrying passengers

Late last month I wrote a post questioning whether Gadling had it in for Qantas airlines, the national carrier of Australia. It seems that we have posted a lot of negative stuff about the airline this year (well, not a lot of negative stuff, but a fair amount, I guess).

I don’t think we’re being unfair to the Down Under carrier, but it’s just that…things keep happening to it.

Take yesterday, for example, when two Qantas jets collided on a runway outside Melbourne. Luckily, there were no passenger on board. The jets were being towed to a maintenance hangar at Melbourne’s small Avalon Airport. The nose of one plane hit the left wing of the other, says the Associated Press.

One of the planes involved in this collision was damaged in July in a midair explosion.

Alas, I guess it’s just one of those years for Qantas.

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