Baby born at 33,000 feet during long-haul Finnair flight

Back in the summer I posted about a woman going into labor on a Korean Air flight and giving birth at 37,000 feet.

Now comes the latest high altitude delivery. A Swedish woman traveling on a Finnair flight today gave birth to a baby girl at 33,000 feet while flying over Kazakhstan on her way from Helsinki to Bangkok.

Who came to the woman’s aid? Luckily there were two doctors and two nurses among the 227 passengers on this 11-hour flight; they quickly responded, stayed by the woman’s side and saw her through the delivery (technically, they only assisted the birth, since there was a satellite hook-up to medical service on the ground).

Finnair says it’s the first time a baby has ever been born on one of its flights, and is reportedly giving the new family a free return trip from Bangkok.

Both mother and new born daughter are reportedly doing fine.