Winner winner, chicken dinner: First-timer hits it big in Vegas

If you see Hawaii’s Jessica Agbunag at a casino some time soon, you might want to rub up against her for good luck.

Agbunag, 24, made her first trip to Las Vegas this week and on Wednesday, at the California Hotel and Casino, she won a cool $2.4 million at a Wheel of Fortune slot machine. She pumped in about $16 into the machine before hitting the jackpot.

Agbunag is a babysitter who was in Sin City with her boyfriend and family on a commemorative trip in honor of her grandmother, who used to love the Vegas slots. She says she is going to use the winnings to pay off her car, and she will spread a little bit of the wealth around among her relatives, she told the Associated Press.

The real question is if this happened to you, would you ever go back to Vegas again? Not sure I would.