Let the Madness begin

It’s time. The worst travel day of the year is upon us, the sun has risen and it’s time to get the shit kicked out of you at the airport. Have you got your passport? Did you sleep well last night?

Go through the rituals before you leave your house: passport and wallet, left pocket. Phone, right pocket. Laptop, charger, soap, jacket, headphones, book. Got a ride into the office and a ride to airport at lunch. Head to the airport empowered, take the bull by the horns and charge straight into the chaos with no fear.

You’ve got a great flight, great weather and great family and friends to binge on this weekend, so leave your stress at the door, get to the airport early and revel in the true beauty of travel, people moving, talking, sliding, shifting into new places and new times, the science and flow of departures and arrivals.

Every single one of us at Gadling will be out there with you, somewhere in the terminal or on the road, waiting in lines, collecting data, drinking sake at the airport bar, occupying the lav. We’ll be with you all of the way. We promise.

It’s going to be a great weekend. Safe travels to all of you,

<3 Gadling