Virgin America launches community website

Virgin America launched it’s community website yesterday, where you can dig deep into the annals of VX history and read stories from contributing authors. Over at, you can also find links to the assorted tentacles that the airline has slipped into the interwebs via Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Soon, yes, you can be a Virgin America groupie too (I already have my monogrammed VX beret, treehouse pass and pajamas, thank you.)

Where did all of these testamonials come from? Stories at the community website are culled from a variety of sources including VX employees and passengers like you. So if you’re absolutley bursting with praise for the airline, this is a great place to show your gratitude.

I wonder what criteria are required for getting your experienced published? Will VX only allow fun, happy experiences to make it online? Will they accept critical or analytical stories? I have a few fun storiess from Virgin America events that I could submit….