Drunk Russians arrested in Frankfurt after flight

Russians + Vodka + 35,000 feet = Trouble.

That’s the formula that played out on a recent flight from Houston to Frankfurt. Two Russian sailors reportedly polished off the 2 liter bottle of vodka they’d bought at Duty Free and promptly began running wild on board the plane (police are not confirming which airline was involved).

The two men smoked cigarettes in the bathroom and went up and down aisles “frightening passengers,” according to the Associated Press. They also reportedly attempted at several intervals to use their mobiles (“Hey man, I’m so wasted!”).

The flight crew eventually ordered the men to their seats and the two were arrested on the tarmac by German police when the plane landed. One admitted to causing a disturbance and was released after paying a fine. The other, more contrarian, wouldn’t cop to anything and is awaiting a court hearing.