Product review – 3M mobile privacy film

In this product review I’ll be giving you a brief look at the new 3M mobile privacy film.

3M has been making privacy filters for laptops for several years and the recent surge in popularity of smartphones has increased the need for privacy when you use your device in public.

The 3M mobile privacy film attaches to your screen, and is held in place with a special removable adhesive. Like the laptop version of the privacy film, you can only view what is on your screen when you look straight at it. Anyone looking at your device from an angle, won’t see a thing.
The mobile privacy film has the added advantage of protecting your screen and reducing screen glare.

I tested the mobile privacy film on several devices; the T-Mobile G1, the Apple iPhone, a Blackberry Curve and the new Sprint Touch Pro. Oddly enough, the Sprint Touch Pro was the only device that was not compatible with the privacy film, most likely due to the high resolution of the screen.

Applying the mobile privacy film is easy, and involves cleaning your screen, cutting the film to size (if needed) and removing the protective backing. Once on your screen, you simply rub any remaining air pockets towards the edge.

Because of the special adhesive used, it is easy to remove and reapply the film, or remove it for use on a different phone. The film does not leave any sticky residue behind.

Of course, the privacy film itself functions exactly as advertised; looking straight at the screen is the only way to see what is on it, but viewing from any angle does not reveal anything. If you plan to use your phone in public (or on a flight), this is the best way to read private messages, or play a game without revealing what you are up to.

The mobile privacy film is available for most smartphones on the market, including the Blackberry, Palm Centro, Treo and the Samsung Blackjack. Each sheet costs about $9 and can be cut so size for phones not specifically listed in the 3M lineup. Since most other premium screen protectors cost about the same, I found the 3M mobile provacy film to be a pretty good deal.