SkyMall Monday: Slumber Sleeve

It’s the holiday season, which means lots of traveling and sleeping at the homes of friends and family. Inevitably, many of you will end up sleeping on couches, air mattresses, beds made for children or floors. Well, for you weary houseguests who end up sleeping in uncomfortable and contorted positions, SkyMall Monday is pleased to profile the Slumber Sleeve pillow.

Some products address such small, niche issues that you wonder why anyone would purchase them. But the Slumber Sleeve works for a much broader audience. Because if you’re a person who has a complete dearth of pillows and likes to wedge your bicep underneath your head then the Slumber Sleeve is perfect for you. It’s so effective that you’ll be able to sleep with your eyes wide open like the totally-not-creepy model featured above. And that will allow you to keep an eye on your surroundings while staying at your uncle’s house. Just because you’re crashing on his couch doesn’t mean he gets to sneak into the guestroom and brush your hair while you’re sleeping.

The product description describes several of the myriad uses of the Slumber Sleeve. Here are a few of the most logical:

  • The Slumber Sleeve is popular with college students or office workers taking a quick nap on a desk between classes or during a break
  • As an ankle pillow, worn on the lower leg when the upper leg is crossed over on top – like when watching TV
  • As a sunbathing aid, worn high on an arm and under your head, allowing for a comfortable side tanning orientation

I know that my boss has no problem with me taking a nap at my desk so long as my arm doesn’t fall asleep. That’s her only concern. The appearance of professionalism and maturity are secondary to me not getting pins and needles in my hand while drooling on the Johnson report.

And I never would have considered using the Slumber Sleeve at the beach. But what a fantastic idea! I mean, I love awkward tan lines and having something clinging to my skin in the hot summer sun!

I know that I’m ordering one right away. Now my arm won’t fall asleep when I finally hire an artist to paint me in the nude while in a state of repose.

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