Survey shows that Australians want fat fliers to pay for two seats

Earlier this year, Gadling reported on the upset of the century: The US lost the title of fattest nation to Australia (US 25% obese, Aus’ 26%). But the surge in amply proportioned Aussies is causing a bit of a backlash. A survey by found that 53% of respondents favored a rule that would force obese passengers to purchase two seats when they fly.

Canada recently passed a law forcing airlines to give two seats to girthful passengers – for the price of one seat. It is doubtful that Australian airlines will be adopting a similar approach. Travel experts have suggested that obese passengers voluntarily opt for premium economy class seats, which provide more room that standard econo-class.

Over 60% of the survey’s 18-24 demographic thought that fat travelers should buy two seats, while over 70% of residents in Western Australia agreed. The rest of the nation was split about 50-50.