Tips for turning your digital camera into your personal assistant

I don’t know about you, but when I’m not on a trip somewhere, my digital camera just sits on a desk in my room looking sad. Thankfully, the folks over at Cockeyed have come up with 10 practical tips for using your camera in your everyday life. Among them:

Going somewhere new? Take a hi-res photo of a map.

With modern 5-12 megapixel cameras, you can fit a lot of detail on a single photo, and most cameras allow you to zoom in on photos for a closer view…. If you are new to an airport, snap a shot of their floorplan in case you have to find gate L45 in a hurry. This trick is also good for keeping a shot of the Metro system.”

Remember where you parked your car.

Snap a quick photo of your parking spot next time you go to the mall, and you won’t have to wander around for a half-hour looking for your car. [Once again, all of life relates back to Seinfeld.]

Take the “before” photo of that thing you’re fixing.

This one’s a great tip for the mechanically-impaired like myself: “Before you unplug your router, fix a guitar string or disassemble the lawnmower throttle linkage, snap a photo of what it used to look like. You probably won’t need it, but if you have to drop the project for a few days, you might appreciate a visual refresh of what it look like when it was just a little broken.”

Seven more tips here.