A website devoted to great, cheap food at non-chain restaurants

My discovery of HollyEats.com came about as I was searching out a place that serves Cincinnati-style chili. HollyEats.com is a site devoted to great, cheap food that often has a regional connection.

For those who wonder, Cincinnati-style chili, a chili version that is popularly served on spaghetti and hot dogs, has Greek origins, and is generally available only in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Packets of seasoning, however can be found at Krogers, an Ohio-based grocery store. Skyline Chili restaurants are also working their way outward into the rest of Ohio and down into Kentucky. There are a couple in Columbus. HollyEats lists the restaurant in Englewood, Ohio and mentions that they can be found in Florida.

Even though HollyEats listing is not the Cincinnati-style chili place I was looking for, there are many food hot spots and finds that could easily help a person eat across the U.S.

Click on the Carolina Barbecue link and there you’ll barbecue places a plenty. One of the places is Wilbur’s in Goldsboro, North Carolina. It’s the barbecue restaurant on the Blue-Gray Scenic Byway.

Each restaurant is rated by grease stains. The more grease stains–5 is the maximum, the better the food. Although 3 grease stains, the lowest rating, still means the food is great. I also enjoyed reading the background history of the places Holly visited.

Holly is actually Hollister Moore who has the nickname Holly. He has been a foodie for years. Before you head out on a vacation, I’d check here to find interesting eateries that are worth a stop. The photo of the drawing of him is on the website. You can see the original at the Palm Steak House in Philadelphia. I wrote about the significance of The Palm restaurant group in October. Small world.