Tucson International Airport boasts bogus baggage scales

Seems like we’ve had a few stories lately on airport baggage scales not working properly.

Late last month Jamie posted about a New York Post report claiming the American Airlines’ baggage scales at JFK check-in were not calibrated correctly. Now add Tucson International to the list.

KOLD TV reports that many of the scales at TIA do not work properly. The news channel followed the Arizona Dept. of Weights and Measures as it conducted tests at the airport recently. In all, inspectors found baggage scales off significantly at check-in counters serving Delta and United.

And we’re not talking about the odd one-off here either, folks. All eight of Delta’s baggage scales were “red tagged” as not being properly calibrated, and inspectors ended up shutting down all seven of United’s scales for being inaccurate.

Of course, in this era of baggage fees and weight limits, this stuff matters to travelers and serves as a reminder to stay vigilant at airports when you think that bag you carefully packed, which weighed around 40lbs at home, clocks in at more than 50lbs at check-in.

Heard of other airports with dodgy baggage scales? Drop us a line.