Stephen Colbert chats with TSA critic Jeffrey Goldberg

In case you missed it this past week, Stephen Colbert sat down with The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg, author of a recent article called “The Things He Carried,” a scathing criticism of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In the interview, Goldberg echoes many of the points he made in his provocative article, including the fact that airport security is designed to give passengers the appearance of security, not actual security.

Goldberg says: “When you walk into the airport, you become a bit player in a federally-funded theatrical performance.” Then he goes on to show Stephen that, on his flight to New York, he managed to sneak two box cutters onto the plane, as well as a Hezbollah flag and an “World Hero: Osama bin Laden” t-shirt. (You probably shouldn’t try that at home.)

After Colbert mentions that he’ll probably find himself on the No-Fly List after the episode airs, Goldberg says that he’s been trying to get on it for two years, but with no luck.

Read Goldberg’s article in The Atlantic here, which Gadling first reported on here.