Christmas festival in Sweden offers a special holiday treat

Yesterday, my daughter and I were treated to a trip to Jul på Fredriksdal, the Christmas festival at Fredriksdal Open-air Museum in Helsingborg, Sweden. Friends we are staying with in Denmark found out that this festival only happens one weekend each year. This weekend was it.

From the music, to the animals in the barn, to the glögg, this video shows exactly what the festival was like–exactly.

We stayed until after dark when the paths were lit by candles along the ground and strands of twinkling white lights in the trees and bushes.

The one thing I wish I had bought was one of the straw animal decorations you’ll see in the video. We walked to another area after I went into the building where this particular craftsman was located. I thought I would wait in case there was something else I wanted. There wasn’t. Unfortunatly, we didn’t have time to go back.

My friends wish they had bought a jar of the lemon honey which was in the building where the dancing took place. It was also near the straw decorations. The moral is: When you see something you like, buy it.