Sleeping Chinese shares hysterical non-action shots

Everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect photograph. For some, it’s a city skyline at the magic hour. For others, it’s a field of flowers stretching towards the horizon. And for one German expat living in Shanghai, it’s candid shots of Chinese citizens sleeping in public.

Sleeping Chinese is the brainchild of a German who simply goes by “Bernd.” While in China, he has snapped photos of Chinese people sleeping on benches, rocks, shopping carts and under trucks. The site has gained such popularity and the gallery has grown so large (700+ photos), that Bernd has invited visitors to the site to submit their own photos of “sleeping Chinese.”

I, for one, am all for silly photo projects like this. When you travel, how many shots of building exteriors and famous statues do you need? You can find those types of photos in books, magazines, websites and postcards. The best pictures capture quirky moments in time that no other person could replicate. Those moments are unique to you. And if your moment happens to include a sleeping Chinese citizen, then here’s to you!

Before you go thinking that sleeping in public is only popular in China, rest assured that you can find it just about anywhere. I happened upon these tuckered out Japanese folks at a Mos burger in Tokyo earlier this year.