Playing for Change

Abha mentioned this about a month ago, but I thought it would be worth reiterating. “Playing for Change” is an inspiring and transformational movement that began in 2001 and continues to generate buzz from its documentary and its memorable music. Here is another fantastic global video that features musicians from around the world — all contributing to the song by Bob Marley, “One Love.”

“Playing for Change,” the documentary, is available at all major video rental stores. The foundation, which aims to bring communities and the world together through music, is currently raising money to fund the opening of the Ntonga Music School in South Africa come spring of 2009.You can check out an earthy and heartfelt version of Tracy Chapman’s “Talking about a Revolution” here. Donations are accepted through PayPal via this site, or purchase hip PFC apparel here.

Watching this “One Love” video and listening to the other great music collaborations that continue to come together through the ongoing efforts of this foundation is inspiring. The music revolution that is Playing for Change is one of those uplifting things we can take part in to make this a world a better place.