Tuesday Travel Trivia (Week 7)

It’s Tuesday, folks, and that means it’s once again time to test your knowledge of almost-useless travel-related facts. Congrats to last week’s trivia winners SV, Eva, and Taylor. Those were some tough questions– hell, even I didn’t know them!

Without further ado, here are this week’s brain-busters. Leave your answers in the comments and come back next week for the answers. Get 7 or more correct and I’ll be seriously impressed. Buena suerte!

  1. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is a member of what US government department?
  2. The titles of at least two 2008 films contained the names of European cities. Name one of them.
  3. In what city is Disneyland located?
  4. The 2000 film The Beach, about backpacker culture on an idyllic Thai island, is based on a novel by what author?
  5. Whom do Italians refer to as Babbo Natale?
  6. The world’s largest national park is larger than 163 countries. On what large island is it located?
  7. The US has more than 27 million Facebook users, the most of any country. Which country has the second most?
  8. Once an important post on the Trans-Saharan caravan route, Timbuktu is located in which West African country?
  9. The Charles Bridge is located in which scenic European capital?
  10. What term describes the seats occupied by airline crew and personnel during takeoff and landing?

Look below the fold for the answers to last week’s questions…

  1. The indigenous name for this Australian landmark is Uluru. What is it otherwise known as? Answer: Ayers Rock
  2. The satirical newspaper The Onion recently released a mock atlas of the world. What is it called? Answer: Our Dumb World
  3. The names of at least four Southern-hemisphere countries have been used as the titles of feature films in the last 25 years. Name two of them. Answer: Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, and Congo
  4. What popular travel website owned by the Travel Channel has the slogan, “Travel Dispatches from a Shrinking Planet”? Answer: World Hum
  5. The popular tourist destination of Goa is located in what country? Answer: India
  6. Which of the following countries is not a member of the European Union: Finland, Sweden, Croatia, or Bulgaria? Answer: Croatia
  7. What is the name of Russia’s largest airline, also one of the world’s oldest? Answer: Aeroflot
  8. In what North African country would you find the “imperial city” of Fes? Answer: Morocco
  9. What scenic highway runs along much of California’s Pacific coast? Answer: Pacific Coast Highway (Hwy. 1)
  10. Vientiane is the capital of what Southeast Asian country? Answer: Laos