Daily deal – Kodak Zi6 HD video camcorder for $162

Back in September I posted my review of the Kodak Zi6. This handheld HD video camera left me fairly impressed.

Back then, the camera cost $179, that price has now dropped to just $162. This low price makes it one of the cheapest A-brand HD camcorders on the market.

Of course, the video quality of these digital cameras is nowhere near what you’ll get from a $500 Canon or Sony HD camcorder, but it is perfectly usable for vacation clips.

As I mentioned in my review, you will need to pick up an SD memory card to expand the limited memory of the player, but with 4GB SD cards popping up for as little as $10, that is going to break the bank.

Some of the highlights of the Zi6 include its ability to run off regular AA batteries, a built in USB connector and an included HD (component) video cable for showing your clips on TV. $162 will get you the black version of the Zi6, and for $4 more, you can pick up a bright pink version.