Japan smells

It’s not often here at Gadling that we link to a website that’s entirely in Japanese, but this one’s too good to pass up.

A new site called Nioibu.com allows you to use Google Maps to plot all of Japan’s weird and wonderful smells. And when I say weird, well…

Here are a few odor-related attractions that have already been marked on the map: head to Yamamoto for the fumes of ferrets, check out Sagahirosawacho for the whiff of watermelon, or go to Kamakura for the odor of old lady.

A commentor over at JapanProbe (HT!) notes that the “old lady smell” has been improperly translated, and that it’s actually the nostalgic smell of grandma’s house.

But I’ll stick with the first, funnier translation.

More here.