Photo of the Day (12-10-08)

As daylight is shrinking in the month of December, as we move forward to the winter solstice, candles come to mind. In Denmark, where I spent this last week, candles are salvation in a way. Everywhere I went candles turned rooms into soft glows of warmth.

This shot by flicts evokes memories of other places where candles are a prominent feature.This temple in Lhasa is reflective of every Buddhist temple I’ve stepped into where smells of incense and flames fill the air. Candles are such a universal element of hope. On a grey day in Columbus, a lit candle would work wonders. All I have to do is locate a match.

Along with the lovely angle that highlights the candles, this shot is also intriguing because flicts has included other artifacts that are significant to Buddhism. This is almost like a still-life painting meant to capture a moment.

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