Send Christmas to a Friend

This year, a number of my friends are spending the holiday season in remote locations. Some are off helping orphans, others are in Rwanda and Russia working with women’s charities, and some enlisted friends are overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also, plenty of college kids can’t afford to fly home this year, with the economy being what it is.

So? Send them Christmas. The Christmas Tree in a Box (right) is an easy alternative to trying to buy someone a gift that will make them feel loved. If you want to make someone feel loved with commercial goods, buy them the very spirit of the most commercially awesome holiday ever. No, not Jacob Marley, the tree.

Once constructed, it stands nearly two feel tall, and it comes with 24 foil boughs, 25 glittery foil ornaments, one spool of silver thread, one gold foil star tree topper, and 20 sheets of 6 x 6 origami paper in four vibrant patterns. The kit also includes a book of carols, an egg nog recipe, and orgami instructions.

If your holiday orphan friend is Jewish? Send them nine, and they can light one on fire each night. That’s a joke.

Buy yours (or theirs) here on Spoon Sisters for $14.95. For $4.25 extra, they’ll wrap it up nice in a box with a pretty hunter green checkered ribbon.

It’s Christmas. It’s okay to have it gift wrapped even if you’re buying it for youself. I give you permission.