The best cocktails in the world

According to Genevieve Swart of The Sydney Morning Herald, the term sundowner, meaning sunset cocktail, originated in Africa, where they have some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Swart has taken special pains (and pleasures) in finding the most beautiful places on the planet for sundowners. Her list includes hotel and restaurant locations in Cape Town, Santorini, Zanzibar, Norway, Brazil, Cambodia, and Florida — yes, Florida. She even found the best drinks! Would I like a Veligandu Secret in the Maldives? Yes, I would!

Unfortunately, I’m stuck in New York for the moment – but I bet I can find a patio on the Hudson River where they’d be willing to bring me a drink and tell me I’m in Asia. This “sundowner” idea is great!

[via The Sydney Morning Herald]