STA Travel looking for interns to travel the world for free. Any takers?

Quick: What’s better than a three-month trip around the world? How about a free three-month trip around the world?

STA Travel, the world’s largest student and youth travel company, has just begun its search for its 2009 World Traveler Interns, and I must say this sounds like pretty much the best internship ever. Your potential duties: Travel the world on STA’s dime for three months and write blog posts, take photos, and shoot video about your trip. A lot better than that internship at Target you were going to get, huh? (Main duties: making coffee for mid-level managers, cleaning up spills in Aisle 7, watching soul leave body.) Here’s how to apply… (for the good internship, I mean):

  1. Be under 26 years of age.
  2. Fill out this application form and submit a video detailing why you should be chosen as one of the two World Traveler Interns.
  3. Tell all your friends to vote for your video on Youtube.

The top 20 videos will advance to a round of phone interviews, which will whittle the number down to ten, and then those ten will each submit a video that takes the judges on a tour of their hometown. Top two videos win!

For a little more info about the trip, which goes to Fiji, India, East Africa, and Ireland, among other places, click here. To see some of the winners from past years, this‘ll do.