Iowa road workers hungry after dropping garlic salt on their roads

It is cold outside. Very, very cold. This time of year road crews in the many parts of the country are working overtime to keep the ice and slush to a minimum, and that involves dropping massive amounts of salt on the asphalt.

If you live in the Des Moines suburb Ankeny you may have noticed a slightly more aromatic salt concoction being deposited.

When local spice manufacturer Tones tried to think of ways to help the local community, they decided to donate 9 tons of garlic salt to the road works department.

The funniest quote comes from one of the plow drivers, who says his dog starts licking his pants when he comes home at night, and that he’s constantly in the mood for a steak and baked potato.

With salt prices on the rise, I’m sure the donation was more than welcome. According to reports, road salt prices are up almost 300% compared to last year. If you do happen to be out in the snow and ice, please be careful, as these higher salt prices mean there won’t be as much of it on the ground to keep you safe!