Keytoss offers one-stop-shopping travel tools for mobile web users

If you have ever tried to access up to date travel information on the road, then you’ll really appreciate a new site called “KeyToss“.

Mobile web users can access several sources of information on one handy page. The site has flight status updates, a translation tool, snow conditions and even real-time currency exchange rates.

Because the site is designed to be lightweight, you won’t run up a huge data bill if you use it abroad, nor should it take too long to load if you find yourself stuck outside the comfort of a 3G coverage area.

In addition to these travel tools, you can also access 1000’s of news sources, sports scores, stock quotes and the weather.

Once you start using KeyToss, you’ll really appreciate the more advanced features, including a file transfer tool and a mobile search engine with instant access to things like package tracking and song lyrics!

I’ve seen quite a few mobile portals in recent years, but this one is a keeper – it is fast, simple and easy to customize. To use KeyToss, simply point your mobile browser towards, there is no software installation required, and it will work on any phone with a mobile web browser. Best of all, it is all free of charge!