Traveling To The End of the Earth

Have you ever wanted to travel to the End of the Earth? Literally! Well, here’s your chance. According to this story, published a few days back by the Times Online, the tiny town of Puerto Williams, located on Isla Navarino, a small island off the coast of Chile, has become the new hot-spot for adventure travelers looking to reach the southernmost city in the world.

For the longest time, Ushuaia, Argentina has been considered the southernmost city on the planet. Backpackers and adventure travelers flocked to Tierra del Fuego on the tip of South America, to experience its natural wonders and take in its remote beauty. But as that traffic has increased, Ushuaia has become more and more commercialized, forcing adventure junkies to look elsewhere to get their fix.

Enter Puerto WIlliams, a place so remote that, until recently, it could only be reached by a ferry that ran just once a week. Now there are daily flights to Isla Navarino, and the town recently paved its first two streets. This has opened the doors for visitors, who find a virtually untouched outdoor playground to explore, with dense forests and jagged mountains dominating the horizon.

Puerto Williams remains a sleepy little town for now. It has just a few stores, a couple of hostels, and three bars. But as an emerging adventure travel destination, it’s sure to be on the radar of the “been-there, done-that” crowd soon enough. And who knows what will happen after that? They might even pave the rest of the roads.

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