Competitours Puts You in the Amazing Race

I’m not a big fan of most reality TV, but I do enjoy The Amazing Race of course. What experienced world traveler hasn’t watched that show and wondered how they might fare? Well now you can find out for yourself by taking part in a unique travel experience that puts you and a friend in a competition across Europe with a chance to win another trip at the end.

The newly launched Competitours pits teams of two against one another on a two week long adventure through five countries. Participants will take part in a series of “Competitasks” each day that are designed to immerse travelers in the culture of the countries they are visiting. The competitors are scored on creativity, resourcefulness, and teamwork rather than speed and quickness.

The first Competitour is scheduled to take place this spring, and much of the details are still shrouded in secrecy so as to not spoil the surprise for participants. We do know that the cost will be $2850 per person, including international airfare, ground transportation while in Europe, and lodging.

[via the National Geographic Intelligent Travel Blog]