Daily deal – Canon 7 Megapixel digital camera for $89.99

You’d better not still be in the middle of your Christmas shopping! If you are, then I suggest getting dressed and braving the crowds of fellow procrastinators. My daily deal for today is for the Canon PowerShot A470 digital camera.

This 7.1 Megapixel camera features a 3.4x optical zoom, and runs off regular AA batteries. The A470 is a pretty basic camera, and you won’t find any of the more upscale bells and whistles on it. But it is still a Canon, and Canon is one of those brands you can’t really go wrong with. Despite the low price, Canon still managed to add face and smile detection, as well as video recording.

The A470 normally retails for about $120, but Newegg.com has it on sale for just 89.99. Included in the package is the camera, 2 AA batteries, USB and video cables as well as a wrist strap. You also get a CD with some Canon software.

If you are looking for a basic camera, or something you can hand to the kids without fear of them damaging an expensive camera, then the A470 is a great choice. At this price, you can’t really find many other A-name brands without going for a refurbished device, or something from a pawn shop.