Blogger Alison Brick

Introducing Alison Brick, Gadling’s newest blogger.

Where was your photo taken: I was tapping into my inner Lara Croft at Ta Prohm in Cambodia.

Where do you live now: Berkeley, CA

Scariest airline flown: My scariest flight had nothing to do with safety or technical difficulties, and everything to do with strictly regimented attendants who stewarded with a heavy hand. As in: don’t even think about getting up when that seat belt light is on.

Favorite city/country/place: Italy for the evening passegiata. Outback Australia for the contrasting colors of the landscape. Thailand for the food.

Most remote corner of the globe visited:
Possibly Torres del Paine, Chile. And the thing that proves it’s a small world after all: I ran into somebody I knew on the hiking trail. That blows my mind.

Favorite guidebook series: Something low-end, for sure: Let’s Go, Lonely Planet.

Hotel, hostel, or other: Call me crazy, but I like hostels. There’s something comfortable and lived-in about them–rarely sterile and homogenous like hotels. It’s easier to connect with other travelers there.

Favorite means of transportation: Tuk tuks! It could be the wind in the hair, or the careening through the streets between cars/trucks/bikes/motorbikes.

How did you get started traveling: Driving across the country on family road trips every summer when I was growing up. No A/C, full days of driving, and pulling into a town and trying hotel after hotel from the AAA book for a vacancy probably prepared me well for travel later in life.