Japanese man living in Mexico City airport mysteriously disappears

You might recall last month’s interesting story about a Japanese gentleman who moved into Mexico City‘s Benito Juarez airport.

For those of you that didn’t read the story last month, a little background: Hiroshi Nohara showed up in Mexico City last month on a tourist visa and decided that he wanted to stay. He had no plans, no reason for staying and the full right to call the airport his home — his tourist visa is supposed to last until March and the airport technically never closes. Eventually he became an oddity of sorts, with people coming to get their picture taken with him, local restaurants offering sponsorships and even feeding him.

And so he remained until this month. When the plot thickens.

This past Sunday, Nohara was spotted getting into a taxi with an unnamed woman, a woman who had come to visit twice and who the authorities could not name. And then he disappeared.

Where was he going? Did this woman offer him a nice place to stay or a movie deal? Is it his estranged daughter that abandonded him at the airport? Something tells me we’ll find out when the movie comes out.