Gadling’s 10 most popular posts for 2008

It’s been a great year here at Gadling, and you, dear readers, are largely the reason why.

By the looks of things, what you liked most this year was our coverage of scandals and overall hi-jinks on airplanes. Can’t say we blame you.

So, as we slide into the New Year — a German expression — we want to leave you with what you liked reading the most this year.

Here are Gadling’s 10 most popular posts for 2008 (though two of them were actually written in 2007).

1. Jerry Guo covered what could be the best prank ever attempted: Stopping time at Grand Central Station (Above)

2. Jerry also covered a couple of French flight attendants who go, well, a little crazy with a video camera

3. Justin Glow covered the saucy Myspace pictures of Southwest Airlines’ least favorite passenger of recent years, Kyla Ebbert (right)

4. Grant Martin wondered whether there was such a thing as being too pretty to fly

5. Neil Woodburn gave us a report on Southwest Airline’s famous stripper plane

6. Jamie Rhein covered the tale of a woman who said her drink was spiked on a flight to Thailand

7. Martha Edwards wrote about the girls of Ryanair

8. Jamie also considered some of the dirtiest hotels in America

9. Grant covered more allegations of mistreatment of women at Southwest Airlines

10. Aaron Hotfelder covered the absolute worst times to travel