Now at the British Museum: Babylon

Winter’s special exhibition at the British Museum, Babylon: Myth and Reality, is up and running and will be open until March 15th.

Inside, the collection details the rise and fall of the ancient city, highlighting on the reign of Nebuchadnezzar and pulling from biblical, ancient and even modern references. You’ll see 16th century artist’s renditions of the Tower of Babel, Hanging Gardens, various historical accounts on a host of ancient media and silently wander past models of Babylon at it’s prime. You also will learn about the site in it’s current condition today, where a US military base has astonishingly placed restrooms over sensitive archaeological content in the desert.

Babylon: Myth and Reality is an excellent opportunity to peer into the window of Babylon, learn about its history spend a few hours wandering through the well presented exhibit.

As always, access to the British Museum is free to all visitors, but to get into the special exhibition, an adult ticket will cost 8£. Alternatively, if tickets are sold out or you wish to further support the museum, you can become a member for 45£, after which all exhibitions are free for a year.