Travel Deals for the New Year

The New Year is just two days old, and already the outlook for travel in 2009 is looking good for bargain hunters. With the global economy in a slump, most tour operators have been experiencing slow bookings for the year ahead, which often translates into opportunities for good deals for travelers on a budget.

The New York Times posted a story a few days back entitled “Low-Cost Options on High-End Tours” that detailed just how some tour operators are dealing with the current economic conditions. Most are finding ways to cut prices by offering fewer amenities or are switching to lower cost hotels. Some have begun offering camping options for the traveler who doesn’t mind sleeping in a tent to save a few dollars, and others have begun waiving the “single supplement” fees that are often levied against the solo traveler. The overall gist of the article is that in 2009, the travel industry is going to be a very competitive place, and that savvy consumers will be able to benefit from that competition.

Meanwhile, The Guardian has wasted no time in publishing its best January deals for travel. The article also notes that its been a rough year for tour operators, and now is a great time for travelers to cash in on some good deals. Amongst the great discounts that can currently be had are a 50% off deal to the Azores, and similarly discounted excursions to Iceland, St. Lucia, Malaysia, and more.

With 2009 just barely underway, this is probably the tip of the iceberg when it comes to discounts. For those still planning an escape this year, you may end up saving a lot more money than you anticipated.