What is cooler than riding the worlds longest unsupported ropeway span?

Well, jumping off it of course! That is exactly what 2 base jumpers did a few days ago at the new Peak2Peak ropeway in Whistler. Peak2Peak connects the slopes at Whistler mountain with those at Blackcomb mountain allowing skiers to pick the slope with the best powder.

The ropeway itself is an amazing piece of engineering, designed and built by Austrian firm Doppelmayr. The project features an astounding 1.88 miles of cable between just 2 of the towers, making it the longest unsupported span of any ropeway in the world.

The ride alone was clearly not enough to celebrate the opening, so Red Bull (of the “gives you wings” soda) paid 2 base jumpers to climb on top of a gondola, and make the jump to the ground, almost 1400 feet below.

At about 1:05 into the clip, you get a view from the ground, looking up at the gondola, giving you an idea just how insanely high this thing is.

(Via: Gizmodo)