Innovative product adds an HD camcorder to a scuba mask

Several days ago I wrote about a digital camcorder that was waterproof enough to take on your next diving trip. Of course, the only thing that could be easier, is if you were able to bring your camera with you on every diving trip you take.

That is where the Liquid Image HD Scuba mask could help you. The mask/camera features an integrated HD video camera capable of recording at 720p/30 frames per second.

The mask is rated for depths up to 115ft, and includes 2 LED light attachments for increasing the color and detail which is usually lost as you dive deeper.

The camera has 64MB of internal memory, but any real life use will require an additional MicroSD memory card which adds 1 hour of space for every 2GB of storage.

The Liquid Image HD Scuba series camera mask will be available in Spring, and the suggested retail price is $215.