Welcome back, Gadling readers!

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2009, travel friends. We had a fabulous 2008 at Gadling and we’re planning an even bigger year for you coming up. We’ll have guest posts from famous and delicious guest writers, mind-blowing giveaways, crazier stories, insider access and thousands of travel ideas to get you on the road this year.

Speaking of which, have you started planning your 09 vacay yet? From the outrageous to the frugal we’ll be populating your brain with all sorts of destination fodder this year, starting TODAY with a new budget series kickoff. And blogger Alison Brick will be clueing us in to the latest travel deals out there on the market.

So don’t trade your passport for a staycation guide yet; there’s plenty to learn about, explore, absorb and love this year. Gear up for an amazing 365 days on the road and get excited — we’ll be right next to you the entire way.

Love, Gadling