Amtrak photo contest participant arrested by Amtrak police

When photographer Duane Kerzic first heard about Amtrak’s “Picture our Trains” photo contest, he never imagined that Amtrak police at New York’s Penn Station would confuse his picture-taking for suspicious activity and arrest him. Amtrak’s police and marketing department have to communicate better than that, don’t they?

Well, we already know the answer to that. Kerzic was charged with trespassing after refusing to delete the photos of the trains from his camera.

Kerzic, the alleged victim of all this, is not taking this incident lying down. On his blog, he’s encouraging people to write to their Mayors, Senators, the CEO of Amtrak, and even the President to help make sure this doesn’t happen again. Kerzic has also composed a detailed account of his arrest called (really) “Amtrak Police Intentionally Injure My Right Wrist” and he says he’d like criminal charges to be filed against the arresting officer.

Don’t hold your breath, Duane.

For more on this incident, go here. For photos of Kerzic’s injured wrist, go to (where else) his blog.