Glastonbury hippies claim local WiFi network is damaging their “ley lines”

In something that sounds like it came right out of a South Park episode, a local group of hippies is complaining that a recently installed WiFi mesh network in the UK village of Glastonbury is causing all kinds of health problems.

The new-age residents descended upon the village several years ago because they believe in its powerful healing abilities.

To combat the signals from the Wi-Fi hotspots, the hippies have placed orgone generators around the antennae, but so far without any success.

This might have to do with the fact that orgone generators look like they are just bundt pans with some tin foil pieces.

Speaking of tin foil, despite 100’s of research studies, nobody has ever found any links between WiFi signals and health issues, and the village of Glastonbury has been blanketed in mobile phone signals since the late 80’s without anyone feeling ill from the “radiation”.

(Via: The Inquirer)