Ski Lift Mishap Leaves Man Dangling Upside Down… and without Pants!

A mishap on the ski lift at Vail’s upscale Blue Sky Basin resort last week left a skier dangling upside down, and exposed to the world, when his pants came undone.

It seems that the unidentified man, along with a child, boarded the Skyline Express lift for a quick ride to the top of the mountain. Unfortunately, the fold down seat that he was sitting on was not in the lowered, and locked, position, causing him to slide through a gap between the seat and the chair back. As he slid out of place, his ski pants were pulled down, while his boot simultaneously became lodged in the chairlift, leaving him dangling helplessly 20 feet above the ground.

The resort staff were eventually notified of the incident, and backed the lift up so that they could assist the man out of his precarious, and embarrassing, predicament, but not before other skiers passing by could snap a few photos to capture the moment and share for eternity on the Internet.

[via The Smoking Gun]