Chaos as immigration computers crash at Taiwan airport

A computer crash at Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport caused a major headache on Monday. The computer system used by the National Immigration Agency (NIA) failed, forcing immigration agents to get back to basics, taking down people’s information by hand. Needless to say, lines became quite long, and frustrated expressions of passengers were commonplace. Add to that the fact that yesterday was an exceptionally busy travel day as people headed home after their holiday vacations.

Approximately 20,000 people left the country during the computer blackout. NIA had to wait until the system came back online to see if anyone had entered or exited the country illegally. The agency recently terminated its contract with the company that performed computer maintenance tasks. A new company began working on the system only last week.

According to airport officials, no one missed an outgoing flight as a result of the system’s crash. However, the incident comes of the heels of a baggage mishaps a day earlier. People on a dozen flights were forced to leave without their checked baggage after a conveyor belt broke down for almost two hours.