US Airways fined $140,000 for unfairly bumping passengers

The US Dept. of Transportation has fined US Airways $140,000 for violating a number of regulations in the way they handle bumping passengers from overbooked flights.

The fine came last month. In agreeing to the penalty, US Airways avoids further litigation for the violations, the DOT says.

What did the airline do wrong, exactly? Violated the department’s over-sales rule, 14 CFR Part 250, from July 2007 to July 2008.


Basically, the DOT nailed the airline for:

  1. Failing to solicit volunteers before bumping passengers
  2. Failing to give said bumped passengers written notice
  3. Failing to give bumped passengers timely redress, i.e. monetary compensation and/or another flight

US Airways says it has reworked the way it trains its ground crews to ensure that they know now how better to comply with DOT regulations when dealing with overbooked flights.

In paying the fine, US Airways is not admitting to or denying any mistakes, the DOT says.

Here’s part of the DOT’s finding.

Thanks to Moody75.

These women weren’t unfairly bumping passengers … but they should still be fined!