Visiting Forbidden Places

Have you ever wanted a travel experience that was beyond exclusive? How about getting access to places that few, if any, have ever had the opportunity to visit before? If so, then you’re in luck, because Men’s Journal has the perfect article for you.

In the article, entitled Forbidden Places, we get the scoop on some great opportunities to visit some very interesting spots that are traditionally not widely accessible to the general public. For instance, the Havasupai Tribe live in a remote valley near Supai, Arizona. Last August, flash flooding destroyed the only trail in or out of that valley, effectively cutting the tribe off from the outside world. Soon however, Arizona Outback Adventures will begin guiding a select few back into the valley to help rebuild the trail and bring supplies to the Havasupai. Those first few visitors will be treated to a changed landscape, thanks to the massive flooding, including two new waterfalls, one more than 75 feet in height. They’ll be the first outsiders to lay eyes on this changed environment.

Other places that you’ll learn how to gain access to include a massive ship graveyard off the Bikini Atoll, a Costa Rican beach during the Olive Ridley sea turtle invasion, and more. In some cases, getting into these places is simply knowing who can guide you in, but sometimes there is more to it than that, and a little sneakiness may be involved. But in the end, you’ll have experienced something that few others have, and created a travel memory of a lifetime.