Internet Travel Searches Down 42%

An interesting article today from the Times Online that indicates that there has been a 42% drop in Internet searches for flights in the post holiday time frame when compared to the same period last year.

The article notes that this is traditionally the time of year when we begin planning and booking our vacations for the year ahead. Travelers who already know their destinations are eager to book their flights, hotels, and other items well in advance to ensure they are able to go when and where they want. Unfortunately, the global economic conditions have delayed, or outright canceled, those plans for many.

In response to this trend, some airlines have begun to cut capacity for 2009 in an effort to save money and remain profitable. Tour operators may soon follow suit and cut back on their number of offerings as well. January tends to be a very big month for the travel industry, and at the moment, it’s beginning to look quite gloomy.

On the other hand, consumers can possibly reap some substantial benefits of this down turn if they have the money to travel and are determined to do so this year. Discounts on flights, hotels, and just about everything else travel related are sure to be plentiful, which could lead to a great vacation at a considerable savings. Keep your eyes open for some great deals ahead!